STEPS 2021

Carol participated in this nation-wide movement the morning of Inauguration Day, Jan 20th, 2021. Organized by singer songwriter/activist and mentor, Dar Williams.

Let’s GO TO OUR STEPS (literal or metaphorical, like a place of worship, a library, or your own front porch) with music, art, and poetry and celebrate the spaces where we build our future together.
Contributions (songs, art, poetry, dance, photo, etc!) focusing on themes related to our democracy (justice, peace, hope, freedom) were Livestreamed/Uploaded to social media between 9:30am-11:30am EST Jan 20th.
For more info:
Thank you for organizing @darwilliamsmusic !!
#Steps2021 #PeaceWithJustice #TheFutureWeBuildTogether #onesmallstep