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“Hold On” on WTBQ-FM!

Carol’s song, “Hold On” will be included in 6/27/22’s Hootenanny Cafe: airs at 9pm EST on local radio 93.5FM WTBQ (Orange County, NY area) and 98.3FM WGHT (North Jersey, NYC), and on

This show will also air next Thursday (6/30/22) and Friday (7/1/22)at 10PM (EST) on and

Thanks Jon Stein!

Hold On: music co-written with and song produced by Eric Mauriello

Len’s Burning Bush PODCAST

Podcast Available 2/19/22! Singer songwriter Carol Crittenden joins #lensburningbush to chat about the rising grocery costs, the Olympics, the return of the Marvelous Mrs. Masiel, her music, and she even sings her new song, One Small Step. You can follow all 98 episodes on Itunes, IHeart Radio, Pandora, Podbean, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music, Tune In, Facebook and You Tube. For more info on Carol’s music go to @lensburningbush

The Songwriters Gig PODCAST

Episode #37 (available Feb. 2, 2022) – Carol Crittenden
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On this episode, George Marinich and Bernie Drury had a wonderful time talking with Carol Crittenden, a northern New Jersey singer songwriter with a rich musical background who sings so beautifully you wish the song wouldn’t end.
Carol grew up in New Jersey with a father that was an opera director. She remembers music and performing being a part of her life from her childhood.
In high school, Carol found the joy of singing in Chorus and the Madrigal group. Later in life, she went to acting school and toured in productions of Dracula and Hamlet with the New Vic Theater of London.
Besides her solo songwriting and performance career, she is also the lead vocalist for “Four Celtic Voices” whose CD in 2009 debuted at #1 on the Billboard World Music Chart.
Carol gained well deserved attention several years ago with her song “Rise” that speaks to the power of each individual in social responsibility and activism. With a powerful sing along chorus this song has the feel of an anthem that brings a positive message.
In 2019 Carol performed at NERFA (North East Regional Folk Alliance) in one of the coveted DJ Showcase slots.
We spoke about the challenges of writing during a pandemic when so much of life is diluted or unavailable to us. She recommends being gentle with ourselves because there is no right path just the path that we each find ourselves traveling.
As for artistic advice, Carol speaks glowingly of attending a Dar Williams Songwriting Retreat for the instruction in the craft but also for expanding your own songwriting circle.
Lastly, Carol shares a “worst gig” that most everyone has experienced and we discuss the value in playing music for the simply joy it brings.
Carol plays two songs:
1) One Small Step
2) I Won’t Break (her new single)